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Why You Should Use Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the most powerful marketing mediums in use today. Few other marketing tools can deliver your message with exact precision at such a low cost. The amount of mail in your mailbox everyday attests to the effectiveness of this medium (If it didn't work, your mailbox would be empty!).

Here’s why Direct Mail is so powerful:

It’s always working for you. Like the old saying goes, "In rain, sleet, or snow" the mail arrives. Whether you're sleeping, vacationing, working, or walking, your direct mail is working for you. It gives your best sales presentation over and over again without your having to be present.

It multiplies your efforts. If you give your best sales presentation to one person at a time, you'll only sell one widget at a time. Send out thousands of postcards and your best sales pitch is being presented to thousands of people simultaneously.

It lets you target with precision. Instead of sending your message to people who may or may not be interested (or even qualified) to take advantage of your offer, direct mail allows you to pinpoint the people who fit your psychographic, demographic, and geographic profile.

It gives you an immediate response. Once you send out your direct mail piece it doesn't take long to get a response. Within one to two weeks you'll receive about 80 percent to 90 percent of all those who are going to respond.  You will be able to analyze your results and make any necessary changes before your next campaign.

It's easy to track your results. No one can afford to waste a single penny on wasteful marketing. With direct mail marketing you can code your mail pieces to determine the exact number of responses (and sales) you received from each campaign. You can easily calculate your client acquisition costs and return on investment.

It's relatively cheap. You can send out a complete direct mail campaign (including printing, list and standard class postage) to a highly targeted list for just a few pennies more than the cost of a first class stamp. Comparatively speaking, that's a bargain!

It gets one-on-one attention One of the best things about direct mail is that it gets one-on-one attention from your target prospect -- unlike billboards or radio and television commercials that get your attention while two to three other things also have your attention. Direct mail is read one piece at a time. It gives you the best chance of catching your prospect's attention and keeping it for a period of time.

It's something that hangs around. You can hold direct mail in your hand. It can’t be deleted with the twitch of a finger. It's not a radio frequency signal that is here and then gone a moment later. It’s physical. It is something that prospects can hold on to for a period of time. It has a "lingering" marketing effect.

Put the power of Direct Mail to work for you today

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